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CEO, President, and Business Coach, RJ Grimshaw is an bona fide expert in business leadership. Coached at a young age by his father, who owned several different companies, RJ learned the ins and outs of business growth and management when he built a million-dollar company at age 22. 

After spending twenty years in corporate America, RJ worked his way to the top and in 2013 became the President and CEO for UniFi Equipment Finance. Under RJ’s leadership and executive direction, UniFi witnessed a growth from $13 million to $100 million in 5 years. 

Alongside his successful career at UniFi, RJ is also a business coach, a job that allows him to mobilize the principles he used to grow and scale businesses to help out other companies. By thinking less like a cog in the corporate machine and more like an active “Intrapreneur,” RJ helps companies revitalize their atmosphere and approach to business management to achieve maximum growth.

UniFi Equipment Finance

Fast and Efficient Equipment Financing: For You and Your customers.

Obsessed with your Success

How we help

Business Growth & Scaling “VIP Day+

Simply put, your Business GROWTH Breakthrough VIP day is where you spend an entire day working with me, 1 on 1 focused on 1 thing and one thing only…Growth!

My goal for you at the end of the day will simply be for you to walk away from this VIP Day with a “ready to plug in” blueprint to cause a size – able shift in your sales results with a key set of strategies, tools, scripts and templates to make it happen.

This is your opportunity to focus on your business with my input for an entire day.

You’ll experience breakthroughs, gain brand new insights and new levels of confidence with a step – by – step plan to smash your revenue targets for the coming year.

This will be a highly productive day focused on producing the biggest and fastest shift in your sales results possi

Executive Coaching


I offer a customized one-on-one coaching for companies looking to grow.  Prior to engaging the service, an extensive interviewing process is conducted with the participant and expectations, objectives, and challenges are discussed to set the agenda. The participant sets most of the agenda; however, each session includes analysis and suggestions by RJ.  Most coaching sessions are a minimum of four, one-hour sessions and are facilitated through a webinar conference call format.  

"One-on-One Coaching" is an excellent tool for individuals looking to move to the next level of their career development and for managers seeking better outcomes for their team members.

Intrapreneurship is a solution (Forbes)

“An environment of intrapreneurship give employees in general, and millennials in particular, the freedom to pursue new ideas that support the mission and vision of their company.” 

Delivering an Intrapreneurship culture in a company training – Your intrpraprneurs will determine your businesses success more than your product or service ever will!

“A business’s greatest asset is its people”

Missed opportunity is to think of existing employees as just that _employees_ when in reality they can be skilled, creative and innovative intrapreneurs